Friday, April 11, 2014

Seat Selection on US Air

I am flying coach on US Air in about 24 hours. We are using the companion pass that came with the Barclaycard to fly 3 of us to Miami, two of the tickets were only $99 plus taxes. US Air emailed me 24 hours before check in and invited me to check in. This gave me the opportunity to change my seats once again and luckily I now had some new options since the exit rows had just opened up.

The first flight is to CLT on a 737-400. Seat Guru tells me the best row is row 12, so I grabbed 12 ABC. There are 2 first class upgrades available for $110, but the flight is short from EWR-CLT. If it was a direct flight I might have taken them.

On the Airbus 321, I got 23AB&F since row 10 doesn't recline.

Checking in 24 hours out has its advantages.