Monday, March 31, 2014

Dear USAir, Welcome to OneWorld

US Airways joined the OneWorld alliance today. This is awesome, because you can now book all sorts of cool flights with Avios miles! If you live in Philly or Charlotte this could actually change your life. Remember, Avios has a 1151 mile radius on their 7500 mile redemption. If you live in Charlotte, you can now get to Cancun, Grand Cayman, Nassau, or Providenciales for great rates! Avios plus cash often lets you split the ticket into part cash part points at a favorable rate, sometimes under 2 cents per point. Welcome to OneWorld!

Check out where you can go on the Avios Chart with this tool:

On a related note, you can get 7500 Avios points by spending $1500 in restaurants on your Chase Freedom card in Q2 2014. Just don't forget to activate the bonus!