Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Montreal Restaurant Recommendations

A coworker asked me for restaurant recommendations in Montreal today, so I thought I would repost them here. I have been there twice in the past couple of years and I wish I was going back for Osheaga this year, but instead I have a work conference.

Quebecois food is like the craziest ode to meat, imagine giant veal chops covered in foie gras with some fancy french sauce.

I haven't actually been here, but only because I couldn't get a rez. I saw it on Bourdain and another foodie friend went and loved it.

This is my favorite restaurant ever, it is the one that got Christine to like Foie.

The best eggs benedict I have ever had was at L'Avenue

Finally, this is a ridiculously good BYOB, highly recommended.

This is a great cocktail bar in French area (along st denis)

This is a a giant bar in middle of French area

This was a great microbrewery

There is a big casino on the island, climbing Mont Royal to the chateau is nice, and there is a cool market called jean talon. Interesting tourist food includes smoked meat from Schwartz's, poutine anywhere cheap (I find it bland more expensive places didn't have better versions), and finally they have a unique style of bagel.

The foie and lobster sandwich I had at Au Pied de Cochon has me salivating right now.