Monday, March 10, 2014

Good Long Distance Fares

Flying on points is great, especially internationally, when fares tend to be very expensive and you can get two cents per point in value rather straightforwardly. However, sometimes international fares are cheap as well and long haul flights are great for earning miles. This is not a travel nearly free blog, but more of a travel value blog.

One current example is JFK to Milan on Emirates for two people in April. This is currently selling for as low as $438 per person, under 6 cents per mile. Since you can earn miles on this flight, like most paid fares, it is like also getting at least 1/3 of the fare back in rewards credits.


Another great fare you can get right now is Scandinavia in November on United, just in time to see the Northern Lights. Christine and I booked the direct flight from EWR to Oslo for her birthday and Thanksgiving at $447 round trip, all in. Stockholm was also really well priced.


One on Mileage Runs today was NYC to Anchorage in June for $404. This is on US Airways and is 4.3 cents per mile, meaning you get almost half back in miles!
I have never been to Alaska, but I hope this price comes back in 2016 or 2017.


Three of my favorite sites to keep an eye on the best fares are
You can also put a fare alert on any route you really like on Kayak or most major online travel agencies.