Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Eagle Rock Ski Area

I went with Christine and two of her cousins to Eagle Rock Ski Area in Hazleton, PA recently. I recommend it for people with small children or people learning to ski. The rates are rather low and the lift lines are short, even on a nice weekend in early March.

 The vertical lift is about 500' and the top of the mountain is very flat. The two courses on the far edges were popular with Christine and her cousin. They almost worked up the nerve for what is a double black on this map. I thought it was more of a dark blue compared to Camelback or Blue Mountain slopes. The slope on the far right of the map was a blue according to the map when we were there, it might be black because of some terrain features. The rental gear was a tad aged compared to some nearby mountains, however, the gear for kids seemed pretty new.

The bar is at the base of the mountain and is not very crowded and has excellent prices. You can ski in and out quickly. They also had good chili.

The restaurant in the country club is not recommended. It was dirty, had quite rude staff (one of which was probably on meth), and they couldn't cook a hamburger to the right temperature. One of our party members made her dissatisfaction quite clear to management and they did not seem receptive to comment.