Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Achieving the stackable Megabonus

About a month ago, I wrote about buy 2 get 2 at Marriott. This turned out to be an incredible success for Christine and I. Here is how we fulfilled it. On Valentine's Day / President's Day weekend, we traveled to Nova/DC for the Baptism of our godchild, Emrys. On Valentine's Day itself we checked into the Fairfield Inn in Chantilly, we paid around 70 bucks. This hotel was great! They gave us a suite upgrade on check in, they had great wifi, they had an indoor pool with a nice hot tub, they had free hot breakfast, and it is very convenient to anything you might do on Route 28 or in Fairfax City. The upgrade was with no status whatsoever, as you have to have a new Marriott Rewards account for the stay 2 get 2.There are about 5 Marriott properties with 150 yards of this place.

Next we had to check out and check into a different Marriott for the next bonus. We were hanging out around Herndon and Sterling on Saturday, so we chose the Courtyard on Herndon Parkway. This place was about the same price, but it sucks compared to the Fairfield. No pool, no free breakfast, not even free coffee. They have some rinky dink fake starbucks bistro thing in the lobby. Do not go here. The rooms were fine however.

The rewards posted right away!

Now for the planning phase.

Debating between two nights at the JW Marriott in Beijing or the Marriott City Wall or a brand new hotel! Here are the Category 4 hotels in Beijing:

or maybe this brand new category 4 in Shanghai or this one right in the middle of Shanghai's Tomorrow Square

 There are lots and lots and lots of Marriott properties in Nova, many of them for $50 - $60. Even if you have no reason to go to a hotel, this is a mattress run worthy deal. Remember, it is two stays, not two nights. Here is the link again

then you have to also register for the megabonus. 

I essentially got about $500 worth of hotel for $140 or so in spend.