Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fun things to do along I-78 in PA

Christine, Ellie, and I went to Carlisle, PA and Whitetail the first weekend in February. Getting there is a tad under three hours, but Ellie and I decided to make a few stops along the way. The whole route is I-78 with a little bit of I-81 once you hit Harrisburg. Unfortunately for her, due to rampant speciesism in our society, she was not allowed into many places.

We had a good start on us, so the first stop was Pinnacle Ridge in Kutztown, PA. This place had some great wines. Tasting is free if you purchase any of them. I really liked the unoaked Chardonnay and the Chambourcin, two things that are generally good in the Mid-Atlantic. Prices were in the twelve to fourteen dollar range.

Shortly after that Ellie and I stopped at the Dietrich's Meat store. Here we got a bucket of smoked pig's feet for $5. We got some amazing samples of liverwurst and we bought some bacon horseradish cheese and a giant salami stick. This place is definitely worth pulling off the highway for, as it has great prices and all sorts of food goods from the Amish people nearby.

Last stop along the way was in Hamburg, PA. Right next to the giant Capela's is a giant Humidor / Cigar Store / Lounge / Bar called Cigars International.This place has rows and rows of cigars and the selection is kind of overwhelming. The employees were very helpful though and they had $2 wine specials at the bar. They also had $3 call drinks, including one of my favorites, Tullamore Dew on the rocks.

After pulling myself out of Cigars International, Ellie and I got on the road to meet Christine for a dinner in Carlisle. The next day we went to Whitetail for a day of skiing. Skiing is always fun, but I cannot endorse Whitetail on a weekend. There is no bar since it is in a dry county.

The 4 hour flex pass was $65 and rental was $45, meaning we shelled out $220 plus tax for two people. We loved being around all the people that went there with us, but next time we go skiing, Whitetail will not be on our list. Remember to check Liftopia if you are going skiing or boarding, but you probably won't find a Whitetail discount there.