Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chase United VIP Superbowl lounge

Times square was an absolute mess for the Superbowl. It seemed like the entire population of Connecticut and their out of town cousins were all there. One bright spot was the chase united VIP lounge. If you had the card, you could get a party of four into guy fieri's grill. With an authorized user, you could get a party of eight in. The line to get it was rather short, we waited ten minutes on Saturday and less than five on Friday. On Friday there were free wings; meatballs; salad, etc. On Saturday they had burgers instead of wings. The place was like an upscale Fridays. Everyone got free drink tickets with Don Julio, Grey Goose and JWB flowing heavily. A $300 value per night was pretty straightforward if one brought friends. On top of the other perks, this makes the AF seem cheap. Thanks chase!