Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great offer from Lufthansa and the Economist

Lufthansa and the Economist are running a great special!

At one can buy 10k LH miles for 1.6 cents each ($160) and get an annual subscription to one of the best magazines, the Economist. I value my LH miles at 2 cents plus.

 I have the Lufthansa Barclay's card and just hit 60,000 miles (two RT bargain fairs to Europe, probably to Poland because of low YQ). I would definitely definitely do this if I were trying to go for 100k (many more options). I recently confirmed my Miles and More card counts Amex gift card purchases online as a regular awards earning purchase, so it might not be too hard.

I would probably prefer Italy to Poland so if I can get a flight from Warsaw to Italy on this I would do it, but I am saving my LH miles for 2015, so it is hard to tell what will be available. On the other hand, worst case scenario is I book a UA domestic one way and break about even if I have extra miles. 

Here are the Mileage Bargains. There are plenty of intra-Europe 10k bargains, so even if one has no current LH miles, you can score a round trip intra-Europe flight just by buying the Economist

If I hadn't bought so many magazines on cyber-monday in the AA rewards mall, this would be a complete no-brainer. However, Christine is certainly starting to think they are cluttering up the house.

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