Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Card Review: Chase Marriott Rewards Premier

You can currently get 70k Marriott points and a free night at a category 1-4 hotel by signing up for the Marriott card from Chase. The annual fee for the first year is waived.

This is a pretty decent offer. I value Marriott points at around .8 cents (about half an airline mile). This is because while they can be redeemed for about 1 cent per point in value, I find Marriott to generally be overpriced and if I am paying cash would rarely stay in one.A $200 / night Marriott is only worth $160 to me.

This means the card signup bonus is worth $560 + $120 for the free night and all you have to spend is $1000 bucks in the first three months. You also go Marriott Silver status, which is worth a breakfast and some free wifi.

The annual fee is $85, but every year you get Silver status again and you get another free room, so holding onto the card seems like a good deal.

Now, should one spend on this card? Well, no.

It is essentially 100% defeated by other cards for spending. The point is worse than even a 1% cash back card, at restaurants you get 2 points, so that is about equal to a normal airline mile and many cards get bonuses at restaurants. The Arrival and the Sapphire Preferred get about 2.2 and 3.5 cents at restaurants respectively.   Even at Marriott, I wouldn't spend on it, as the 5 Marriott points worth 4 cents are useful only if one accumulates Marriott points; otherwise I would use my Sapphire preferred. Getting Marriott Gold with a huge spend seems like a waste of time unless one happens to be on the verge.

In short, get this card, get the signup bonus, and lock it away and enjoy your free annual night and your free Marriott silver status.If this link is dead when you decide to apply, let me know and I'll update it to the best current link, which will probably be in this Flyertalk thread.