Thursday, January 30, 2014

Making points and money buying money

All manufactured spend opportunities in the end come down to buying money with credit. One guy bought lots and lots of dollar coins and then just brought them to his bank. Here is one way to go about buying money on credit.

First register at Bigcrumbs. Say I referred you, patmmccann, when you get the chance in the form. Go to the offers and click on this one:

Click on consumer gift cards. Select one 3k and one 2k card

Enter promotion code FPVAL to eliminate the 8 bucks in fees. You still have to pay $9 shipping, but remember, you are getting over $100 in cash back from Big Crumbs.

Pay with a Barclaycard or an American Express. Don't use a Citi or a Chase; they might count it as a cash advance. YMMV with Chase. This is good for me because I need $5000 to get to 60k Lufthansa miles so I can get two 30k transatlantic tickets on LOT. Check here for the latest info on which card to use.

Make sure to have them shipped to work if you aren't home during the day.

Next, find out who is giving the best rebate at using evreward. It might be Topcashback, but right now it seems to be ebates (update Ebates is 0% on some giftcards, including the one we need, 1% on all else). Convert the Amex giftcards to Visa giftcards with PIN numbers and finally go to Walmart and buy money orders for 70 cents each or just load them onto your Bluebird. Altogether, you make over $50 in actual money doing this since Amex is currently waiving the fee, and you get miles!

Funny thing is, Topcashback says you can only do this ten times a day. Some people are happy to manufacture lots of spend :)