Wednesday, January 8, 2014

US Airways card claims to not be going away soon

Milevalue and Viewfromthewing were debating over the last couple days the longevity of the US Airways Barclaycard .

I just got an email from Barclaycard telling me to check out merger news. Apparently, Dividend Miles, and its card, will exist into 2015.

Most important, the card program is not going away. It's getting better! Your existing Dividend Miles and any new miles you earn are secure. Plus, coming soon you'll have more ways to earn miles around the world with codeshare between US Airways and American Airlines. Keep using your US Airways Dividend Miles MasterCard. It's the only card that gives you access to exclusive benefits on US Airways—like Zone 2 priority boarding and the ability to earn Dividend Miles for every dollar you spend. Be on the lookout for information about new benefits, coming soon.

On the merger news section:

Update: I talked with a Barclaycard rep today about a comment I made on twitter expressing disappointment I wasn't qualified for category bonuses on my Miles and More card. They were very gracious in telling me they would not give me the bonus, and confirmed they expect the Dividend Miles card to exist into 2015.