Thursday, January 9, 2014

INNcentive Card

Most travel points bloggers are spoiled. They love to fly in first class and burn their hotel points on $800 rooms. That must be why, as far as I can tell, none of them have ever mentioned the INNcentive card.

Suppose you are is a sticky situation, for example, the Preakness just ended and you need a hotel in walking distance because there are no cabs anywhere and you are in some random shady Baltimore neighborhood on a Saturday at seven pm and you are drunk.

There are three options: the Radisson Cross Keys (Carson), the Econolodge (Choice), and the Red Carpet Inn.

Now if I was smart, I would have the Radisson booked already with a Carlson club card, getting two nights that should cost $200+ for 38000 points total. Last year we stayed there and essentially carried our friend back to it. Unfortunately, it is booked solid so it is the battle of the roach motels, risking a dui, or waiting many hours for a cab.

The Red Carpet is 67 out of 70 hotels in Baltimore according to Tripadvisor, but according to the reviewers is actually the same hotel as the Choice Econolodge, sharing management and a parking lot. The econolodge is bookable with a choice promotion of some sort I am sure, as well as earning welcome rewards, with the latter being my current preferences since I am one night away from a reward. However it is $150 for a double, and the Red Carpet is $107.99 with the INNCentive Card, so that is what I am booking. To use it, you have to register 4-6 weeks in advance, as they didn't give me the membership number in an email. You can book the hotel and then show the card when you get these to get the 10% off according to the person on the phone.

Btw, there will be no more Preakness walking distance rooms very soon, and get your tickets now with Mug Club.