Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is a Chase Freedom gas station?

Chase Freedom is offering 5 UR points on  each dollar of spend up to $1500 in Q1. Don't forget to activate it! I don't spend anywhere near $500 a month on gas, so what will I do. Well if I was in NOVA I might stock up on wine and Belgian beer at the awesome wine shop / Sunoco gas station next to the Target in Reston. But here in NYC, a lot of people buy gift cards or reload cards at a gas station, usually Amex Serve, Moneypak Greendots, or Vanilla Reloads. Some stores might also be misclassified as gas stations, or some gas stations might be misclassified as grocers.

Here is how to find out what is a gas station according to Visa:

Go the the Visa Supplier Locator at

 Put in gas stations and your zip code

You might see some misclassified businesses in the google maps interface, like this gas station at 23rd and Park

Another interesting one: many junk haulers count as utilities, like 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Q1 might be time to clear out your garage.